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NVC Lighting uses its International Distributors’ Conference to launch a fresh start in its global strategy


Date:March 11 2016

Guangdong China, March 2016NVC Lighting held its International Distributors’ Conference in Guangdong , China from 3 – 4th March. The conference attendees were from 20 distributors in 20 different countries. NVC Lighting’s CEO Tony Wang also took part in the event.

This conference was used to announce updates in NVC’s global strategy, recent changes in NVC’s branding & corporate identity, product briefings and a range of new policies aimed at helping distributors worldwide.

The conference began with an official welcome and introduction by NVC’s CEO, Tony Wang. Tony said at the conference, “Thanks to all partners for your efforts, support and contribution to NVC in the past few years. It has been a challenging year, but we expect that the long-term partnership between us will accelerate NVC’s pace of international development.”

Following Tony’s address, NVC CFO, Anthony Tan introduced the recent changes at NVC.

NVC CEO Tony Wang(Left ) and NVC CFO Anthony Tan(Right)

Attendees also were updated on the marketing and product strategies and some new policies for the distributors by Alex Xu, General Manager, International Division.  Alex said, “In order to drive sales and increase our market share, we have decided to implement different policies in different types of market. For example, in mature markets (Europe,North America, Australasia etc.) NVC is primarily a product supplier to established distributor networks.  In emerging markets (Asia,Africa, South America etc.) NVC mainly plays the role of a lighting solutions provider.” These changes in focus were welcomed by our distributors and we have received some great feedback. As a result, we look forward to seeing an increase in our sales over the coming year.

NVC GM of Overseas Dept. Alex Xu (Right) communicate with NVC’s distributor inIran  Mehdi Sattari (Left )


At the conference James Hunter Johnston, Head of International Marketing, explained NVC’s new branding and how it should be applied.  Stone Zhang, Products Manager, outlined recent product launches and passed-on some exciting information about new product developments to come in 2016.

NVC overseas distributors at the conference

NVC featured an awards ceremony to celebrate outstanding distributor performance in 2015 and two distributors shared their experience in their local markets. Dillon Zhang, NVC’s distributor inQatar, who has generated year-on-year sales growth of more than 20% since starting business in 2010, informed the conference how he has achieved this, especially in the retail channel.

Mehdi Sattari, who has been NVC’s distributor in Iran since 2011 spoke about the challenges of working in Iran, and how he is building-up the reputation of the NVC brand by working closely with more than 120 sub-distributors.

The International Distributor conference concluded with each distributor renewing his agreement with a contract signature, and a gala dinner attended by distributors and NVC staff.

Overall, the conference underlined the mutual commitment of NVC to its international distributors, and their commitment to continue to work with NVC and promote the brand.