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NVC International Project in Indonesia - Wanda Children Park




NVC International Project in Indonesia - Wanda Children Park


On September 27, 2019, Jakarta Wanda Children’s Park, which integrates early education, entertainment and parent-child activities, opened in Lippo Mall Puri.


Wanda Children’s Park aims to create the ideal activity room /playroom atmosphere for learning. The learning atmosphere can be set to suit the occasion, helping children to stay alert or calm down at different times of the day.


For better demonstration of “teaching and learning is fun” in the experience centre, creation of a warm and comfortable luminous environment, lighting design and illumination configuration become important. NVC was tasked to install lights according to the specific condition of the center.


NVC International helped Wanda Children’s Park to deliver a cost -effective and sustainable solution that had a positive impact for the children, parents and teachers. Because LED technology has been used, the lighting is sustainable and above all inexpensive, due to its low maintenance, minimal energy consumption and long life-span. At NVC International, we understand the importance of good quality lighting, particularly when it comes to eye comfort, which is why we test all our NVC LED Lightings to ensure they pass our high standards for the most comfortable lighting.








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