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NVC-Turkey(VEKSAN) entered into partnership with Jimmy Key Date:2013-06-06

Jimmy Key is a Turkish chain brand of young wear, which is also well-known in eastern Europe and west Asia.
Recently NVC-Turkey (VEKSAN) has entered into partnership with Jimmy Key. Jimmy Key opened a new shop and a new meeting room with full installation of NVC products.

The Industrial Management Consultant of Jimmy Key Mr.Alp Kahyaoglu said NVC LED products have attractive design with good quality, and they will continue to use them for their chain shops and their factory facilities in future.


NVC QR111 in Jimmy Key factory's New Meeting Room

In 1997, Sun Textile, set out to create their own brand and carried out the first collection of JIMMY KEY to the market. 
Today, 21 stores, and more than 100 points in Turkey.  

Jimmy Key also meets with the  customers abroad at 52 points by 8 stores in Ukraine and 4 in Cyprus. 
The target audience for the life style of differentiation is trying to offer young wear  with the products and accessories.
Jimmy Key offers products in the style of casual wear  for those who prefers a different, casual, sports and fashionable dressing.

In accordance with their own style as a brand representing fashion-conscious young Jimmy Key share their merchandising experiences with dealers and sales outlets.Jimmy Key's primary target markets abroad is the United Kingdom, Romania, Uzbekistan and Ukraine; aims to grow in these markets.

Jimmy Key is one of the exclusive brands , accepted  the world's first and only government-backed branding program "TURQUALITY ® Support Program"

Know more about Jimmy Key,please check here    http://www.jimmykey.com