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Huizhou Delegation Paid Visits to NVC UK Date:2012-12-11

On the afternoon of December 3, 2012, the 20-member Huizhou delegation braved the cold to visit NVC UK in Birmingham coming a long way from London.

Although the delegation knew NVC Lighting perfectly, they were still amazed by its big investment and rapid development in UK. NVC UK is based in Longbridge, Birmingham, where it has two large warehouses and sales management center. These new premises and busy employees are the living proof of the power and prosperity of NVC UK.
Garry Pass, general manager of NVC UK, gave the visitors a demonstration of the company. It took only five years for the company to join the top 10 club of the UK lighting industry from an unknown company when it was established. Now NVC has become a new force in UK lighting and a household name. Even when there was a great economic depression and the dismal performance of all walks of life with shrinking market trend in British, NVC UK still enlarged its employees and purchased lands for building houses, making itself a distinctive benchmark among all the companies.   
The vast investment and wise management concept have brought a pleasant harvest in that the sales volume of NVC UK is estimated to reach 23 thousand to 24 million pounds. While in 2011, the sales turnover was 18 million pounds, which was 11 million pounds in 2010 and 6.5 million pounds in 2009.

Wu Changjiang, the founder of NVC lighting shared his experience with the visitors of investing and running business in UK. For Chinese-funded institutions, especially for private enterprises, overseas investment is an inevitable trend in order to go abroad. However, few Chinese enterprisers could get a satisfactory result. Many Chinese-funded institutions ended their overseas investment in such results as total wipe-outs, paying efforts with no result, falling to an awkward situation or being in a dilemma. While seizing the opportunity with decisive shot is Mr Wu's business philosophy for overseas investment. At the same time, he stressed that it's very important to be localization and have a proper risk control in overseas business operation. Moreover, managers should be prepared to make long-term and painstaking efforts rather than being eager to succeed with urgent work.

NVC's investment in UK opened up a distinctive road. It made full use of Chinese brand effect, employed British management elites within the industry and maximized localization management, playing a major role in independent research and development of lighting products that are suitable for the United Kingdom as well as the Commonwealth. Currently, among the 100 employees, more than 95% of them are natives, most of whom are proud of working in such a prosperous Chinese company with a sense of security. Compared to its counterparts, NVC UK provides a more competitive payment and better social benefits with more humanization. Even NVC encourages and subsidizes local employees to continue their education, training and learning. In that way, the company and employees can complement and benefit from each other.

The time that Huizhou delegation visited NVC UK has far exceeded their original plan. When members left for another place in the dark night, their visit to NVC UK had already made a deep impression on everyone.