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Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club



Name: Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club
Completed: Spring 2017 
Client: Al Habtoor Group 
Main consultant: Atkins 
Interior designers: U+A 
Main contractor: Parkway International Contracting

The Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club is a recent development on the edge of Dubai, where the tower blocks, glass and concrete that we associate with this booming city on the Arabian Gulf give way to the open desert.  Here, the Habtoor family has created a luxury resort, open to anyone, but specially tailored to the needs of the international polo-playing community.

Polo is popular in Dubai, but not in the sense that everyone has their own string of ponies.  Polo is a sport that is popular to watch and there is intense rivalry between local teams as well as visiting teams from Europe and South America in particular.

The resort consists of a 5* luxury hotel, 145 villas for rent and four polo grounds with the associated stables and other facilities.

For such a special development the lighting had to be special too and NVC is proud to have supplied almost all the lighting for the hotel and the luxury villas. This included the decorative and functional lighting for all the public areas, guest corridors and guest bedrooms and some outdoor lighting too. However, no description of the lighting would be complete without giving a special mention to the equestrian chandeliers we made.

The interior designers (U+A, based in Dubai, London & Toronto) presented design concepts for two chandeliers, each consisting of a single drawing showing the shape of a horse but in two very different forms. There were no detailed drawings at this stage describing how the concepts should be executed, so we were asked to make our proposals.

We approached their concepts with two different ideas.  In the first, we proposed that a 3D representation of the horse should be created with several thousand polygonal crystals, each suspended individually or in clusters of three or four, on hundreds of stainless steel wires anchored to the ceiling plate. The light in this concept was provided by a series of small fittings on the ceiling plate itself shining down amongst the suspended crystals. The total weight was estimated to be 400kg.

In the second concept the shape of the horse was created with a series of vertically suspended triangular-prismatic crystal rods, with the end of the rods creating an image of a horse when viewed from below.  A set of some 50 suspended LED fixtures were positioned amongst the crystal rods.  The total weight when built would be about 170kg.

 We presented the client and the interior designers with detailed drawings of our proposals and after some discussion both were accepted.

Alongside the equestrian chandeliers we also provided several other custom-made light fixtures to complete the south-American/Spanish theme that U+A had stipulated

The main business of NVC Lighting is to provide functional lighting for hotels, retail, residential, commercial and industrial premises, but that is only a means to an end.  The end, for us, is to provide the customer with a “Complete Lighting Solution”, and if that requires us to design and make specialist chandeliers, then that’s what we will do.

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