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NVC Project in Malaysia - EkoCheras Mall



Kuala Lumpur is fast rising as a hotspot for tourism, prestige businesses, and home to lavish spenders. The standard of living has seen a meteorological increase and a demand for comfortable and modern public spaces. Shopping malls must cater to this demand by providing a comfortable experience that encourages customers to enjoy shopping.

Exterior lighting

The new EkoCheras mall delivers on this, with its contemporary and luxurious feel in the heart of the Cheras district of Kuala Lumpur. NVC Lighting helped the mall to implement the perfect level of lighting for a certain ambiance that contributed to the high-end interior. With a combination of downlight, spotlight, track light, and batten light, the mall exudes a sleekness that is adjustable and requires little maintenance. The layout of the lighting structures has been cleverly designed to best showcase different products and to direct consumers towards stores, highlighting certain areas and dimming others.

Exterior lighting

The exterior has also been catered for in order to make the mall as inviting as possible to potential shoppers, as well as making visitors feel safer at night. As part of creating a stylish space surrounding the mall, NVC’s in-ground light, and bollard light have been used. The bollard, in particular, has an ultra-modern geometric design that is compact and serves the purpose of illuminating the area as well as guiding cars around the mall. In addition to this, NVC has adhered to the contemporary water feature design, providing 16 underwater lights, each being adjustable with a rated lifetime of 30,000 hours requiring little upkeep and maintenance.

Exterior lighting

All the lighting provided by NVC are LED lighting solutions. LED provides obvious benefits in a range of scopes. The most significant advantage to clients themselves is the longevity of the bulbs, and therefore the cost savings in terms of replacement and maintenance. LEDs have a lifetime of more than 40 times longer than incandescent bulbs. In addition to this, the energy efficiency of LEDs are incomparable, having the ability to provide bright illumination with a fraction of the power consumption of a standard non-LED bulb.

In terms of appearance, NVC has managed to help the EkoCheras mall stand out. NVC LEDs have the option of personalized adjustment, and adjustable color temperature, helping to create a cozy and inviting space.

Interior lighting

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